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4 Tips On Creating A Good Work-Life Balance

Robert Curtis 12th June 2017 0Uncategorised

good work life in swindon

In today’s busy world it is easy to lose track of how many hours we work each week. Whether it be not wanting to say no to the boss or needing extra money for unexpected bills, we find ourselves working more and playing less. In order to avoid becoming too stressed, it is essential that you create a good work-life balance.

In Swindon, jobs are important to people, but there is a way for you to put 100% effort into your work without your family life suffering. We take a look at 4 top tips on creating a good work-life balance.

1.Let go of perfection

If you have a tendency for the need to be perfect or are a classic over-achiever, the likelihood is you are putting a lot more hours into your working week than your colleagues. You may have been able to balance being a perfectionist in your younger years, but with more responsibility comes more pressure. Take time to think about what is ‘enough’ rather than what is ‘perfect’.

2.Turn off

With the increasing use of technology in the workplace, it is easy to stay connected when you are at home. If you finish work at 5 pm, then put on your out of office and turn off all of your devices so that you are not tempted to work out of hours.

3. Delegate

Delegating tasks can feel quite tricky for some people, as you want to ensure that everything is done correctly. When avoiding sharing your workload, you risk missing deadlines and will likely put yourself under a lot of stress to get your work done. Where possible, share your workload with your team, so that tasks are completed more efficiently and on time.

4. Exercise

The team at TRAK heartily recommend regular exercise, to ensure that your mental and physical health stays intact. Not taking the time to look after your body will slowly have adverse affects on your health, and no amount of money you earn will make up for feeling ill all of the time.

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