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5 tips when preparing for your industrial job interview

Robert Curtis 3rd October 2017 Uncategorised

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Most industrial jobs are typically found in warehouses, factories and manufacturing facilities. Although jobs roles can vary greatly from forklift operators to production line workers and quality control, the tips for a successful interview do not change.

1. Do your research

Take a bit of time to research the company before hand – it shows you care about this job, in particular. Any facts you know about their history, expansion plans, clients, or figures will impress the interviewer and show that you are passionate about the role and are taking the job prospect very seriously.

2. Think about your outfit

Once you have mentally prepared for your industrial interview, the next thing to consider is your attire. Remember that you could be walking around an industrial area which may require safety footwear; if you have safety boots or shoes then bring them with you as this will show you are prepared. Sandals are a definite no; try to dress smartly, but in a way which reflects the position you are applying for.

3. Leave in good time

Before the interview day, we advise you make the trip to the location as a trial run. It will give you an idea of the time needed; often rush hour or road works can make what we think is a 30 minute journey much longer. Try to arrive ten minutes before the scheduled interview time; if you are any earlier, then wait in your car and go over your interview notes for a quick refresh.

4. Stay calm

If you are nervous, try to remind yourself that you have been selected for an interview because the employer has seen potential in your application. Many roles will not require specific skills or a university degree, so if you are new to the work or have taken a career break, try not to panic.

5. Show off your skills and willingness to learn

During the interview, rather than focusing on the skills you do not have, try to demonstrate your eagerness to learn the new skills and how you will be an asset to their team. Perhaps you have great interpersonal skills, are able to follow directions quickly or have fantastic attention to detail?

All of these skills are very important to an industrial job role. Always have in the back of your mind that you need to demonstrate how you will be an asset to their team, make them want you.

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