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Three Tips For Your First Day In A New Job In Swindon

17/06/2017No Comments

So, you’ve impressed with your CV, you’ve stood out during the interview process and have landed that dream job in Swindon. Your first day is quickly approaching and you know that first impressions count.…

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good work life in swindon

4 Tips On Creating A Good Work-Life Balance

12/06/2017No Comments

In today’s busy world it is easy to lose track of how many hours we work each week. Whether it be not wanting to say no to the boss or needing extra money for…

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delivery driver in swindon

How To Become A Delivery Driver

06/06/2017No Comments

If you want to become a delivery driver, TRAK Employment solutions is here to offer you all of the advice you will need.   When it comes to the best driving jobs, Swindon has…

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researching a job in swindon

5 Key Things To Research Before Taking A Job

01/06/2017No Comments

TRAK has listed a great variety of the jobs Swindon has to offer and we want to help you choose the right one for you. By researching these five points, you will eliminate the…

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