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Obtaining your forklift license


The demand for forklift drivers is greater right now than it ever has been. There’s great variety too in the locations you might work – from depots, warehouses and yards to ports and airports.…

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jobs in swindon

Why it’s important to keep your CV up to date


What may seem a chore, can open up immediate opportunities. We’re talking about updating your CV. A mundane preoccupation you might think, but consider the advantages. When you have an up-to-date CV, you give…

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researching a job in swindon

Recruiting – What do we need


If you’ve yet to employ the services of a recruitment agency, we should explain how we work. And how we can work together to get that job. Job-seeking can be a lonely experience. With…

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stay calm at your job interview in swindon

Applying for a warehouse job


Are you looking for a warehouse job? Here’s some handy tips how to go about it. Some companies may ask for academic qualifications GCSEs at grades (A* to C) or equivalent (useful subjects are…

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