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Why Swindon is a great location for logistics and distribution companies

Jeff Tucker 31st May 2018 Uncategorised

Swindon is a great location for logistics and distribution companies

If you’re looking for a warehouse job, where should you be looking now and long into the future? The answer has to be Swindon.

Swindon is one of the most if not the most ideally situated town in the UK for logistics and distribution companies. It lies geographically between five major cities, it’s served by a motorway system through two significantly enhanced junctions and it’s close to numerous international transport hubs.

Swindon has grown four times quicker than the average English town in the last four decades. It’s ranked seventh in Britain when it comes to the rate of productivity per worker – up three places from a year ago.

Investment has come from companies with an appetite for growth and success. Just recently, that’s included pharmaceutical companies and automotive and advanced engineering works.

The town has recently seen substantial investment from national logistics specialist, db symmetry. In April 2018, the company announced the completion of a new 20,000 square meter speculatively developed logistics facility at Symmetry Park on the A420, to the east of Swindon. It’s the largest speculative commercial development in the Borough for over a decade, with further design and build opportunities made available on the site in sizes ranging from 19,000 square meters up to 93,000 square meters.

This scheme shows a growing commercial confidence in Swindon, in which developers are prepared to build even without an agreed end user. Canmoor, for instance, is another example, intending to build seven units (27,000 square meters) in Dorcan, East Swindon.

And this investment is in turn encouraging more investors to the town, impressed by Swindon’s incredible industrial heritage, manufacturing expertise and reputation stretching back to the 19th Century. As one of the best-performing economies in the country, Swindon has been transformed into a large, multi-cultural, commercial centre that is thriving year on year.

Swindon has in addition what most companies are looking for in the modern era – a proven record of adapting to a changing economy. Swindon has a proud tradition of innovation and re-invention, which makes it ideally positioned to exploit its competitive advantages and respond favourably to changing economic circumstances.

All of this suggests that Swindon is the place to be for warehouse jobs. We specialise in placing candidates with clients in the warehouse sector. If you’re in Swindon looking for the next career opportunity or looking for sound reasons to relocate, don’t hesitate. Call us today and enjoy Swindon’s future.