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Thinking of a change in career

Jeff Tucker 22nd May 2018 Uncategorised

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Got itchy feet or are you looking for a new challenge? A career change can be both exciting and life-changing but daunting at the same time. Have you considered teaming up with a recruitment agency? You needn’t be alone in pursuing your next life move.

Whether you’re searching for a new opportunity in a different sector, or something different in the one you’re already in, we can offer advice and support you all the way.

Take a look at the job opportunities on our site to get a feel for the type of opportunities that come up in the field you wish to get into, how much they pay, what skills are required etc.

If you’re after a career change, we are well-positioned to advise you on what skills you will need to enter your chosen sector and what training will be required. You may even want to try out in a temporary role in a sector you wish to gain experience in and learn relevant skills.

The great news for career hoppers is that there is a trend towards employers no longer expecting people to stay in the same roles with the same company over the whole of their career. They value more so the benefits of wider experience and adaptability.

The onus is much more now in the modern job marketplace for transferable skills. These can be role-related, technical or general skills that are useful across a whole spectrum of different industries. Companies aren’t looking so much at your job title as relevant skills and experience. Skills that are most commonly transferable and sought are those in IT, numeracy and languages. Also useful are skills in communication, research and planning, interaction and liaison, and organisation.

Management and leadership skills are probably the most transferable between sectors. Businesses are always on the look-out for leaders and managers.

We can help you too as a recruitment agency, if you don’t have a proven track record or an established network to tap. Let us be of assistance in advising how to restructure your CV. If you’re changing career, you will want to change up a chronological CV and instead lead with bullet points highlighting relevant core skills. Your covering letter will need to sound positive about previous work experiences and how you are keen to take on new challenges.

If you’re local and you want to first come in for a chat about your prospects and aspirations, feel reassured that we are trusted as one of the most respected recruitment agencies in Swindon.